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When people hear the word power or powerful, usually two things come to mind: prestige and money.  Who doesn’t like prestige and money???  The Merriam Webster dictionary definition of the word “power” is the ability to act or produce an effect.  The word “powerful” is having great power, prestige or influence.  Women today are showing their power in many different ways.  We are running companies and organizations and working in leadership roles.  We are able to buy ourselves luxurious things and live a more extravagant lifestyle than ever before.  However, many women still feel that reaching a level of power is not attainable in the same way it is for their male counterparts.  They feel they are not acknowledged and paid on an equal footing.  We can’t control the way others think about us or how they view our achievements.  We can only control what we can do to become more powerful.  We must not dwell on the inequities, but rather plan and implement strategies to get recognized for our achievements and become the most powerful women possible.

The word “P O W E Rcan lead us to achieving our goals and success by keeping in mind the following strategies:

Produce – In order to reach a level of power one must produce results.  Receiving prestige and recognition takes a lot of effort, hard work and perseverance.  As women we have to work harder and smarter to prevail.

Open minded to challenges – Nothing in life comes easy, especially for women who are trying to get ahead.  We must remain open minded to different ideas and challenges in order to reach a certain level of success.

Working diligently towards goals – Getting to the next level and reaching your goals takes diligence and dedication.  If you want to play hard, you have to work hard.

Empower others to succeed – Many powerful people have been inspired by others and give back by mentoring the next generation.  While inspiring others you are also inspiring yourself.

Responsibility – In order to reach a level of success, one must take responsibility for their faults and failures and learn from them to move forward.  Don’t let past disappointments dictate your future success.

Following these strategies in your life can help lead to your success, thus allowing you to achieve the powerful life you desire.

  • Bernadine Charles

    I really like your mission and your commitment to empowering women, I basically do this daily especially to young women who thinks that they are alone or forgotten. I’m excited to join your movement and willing to bring my lifelong experience of physical, mental and occupational knowledge & education. Giving back is a blessing we can’t ignore. Thank you.


  • Power Woe Post author


    We are honored to have you as a member! Thank you for sharing your skills and knowledge with us and the rest of our members!


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