Should You Follow Your Passion?

Is following your passion always the best answer?  Anytime you look for advice regarding a career or job position, people often say, “Follow your passion.”  What does following your passion really mean to you?  Perhaps your passion is to be a famous singer living in Beverly Hills, and receiving your annual Grammy award on the red carpet.  But is this passion a realistic one and do you have what it takes to attempt to pursue it?  Do you feel that you are getting older and it is too late in life to follow your dream?  This is where you need to be optimistic, but still remain realistic.

Is your job your passion?

You may be passionate about your job or career choice, but this may not necessarily be your “passion” in life.  Realistically, you know you have to go to work to pay your bills and support your family.  As much as you would love to change careers to pursue your life’s passion, you know that this is not reasonable and often not truly sensible.  I am sure you have heard a story or two about people who pursued their passion and made it big.  You can turn on your television or go on social media and see how these people gave it all up and followed their passion to success.  Can this be your path?  Of course.  Anything is possible in life if you set your mind to it.  Follow your heart but think with your head.  Don’t expect failure but be ready for it as well as disappointment and some rejection.  Maybe this will make you stronger and more eager to follow your passion and succeed.  Or, perhaps you will realize your passion is not the star attraction for your life, but more a potential hobby.

Pursuing your passion

You can keep your day job, and still find ways to pursue your passion as a hobby.  After working hours, (in all your spare time, LOL), you can take a class, either at a school or online, perform for crowds outside or at a small venue, act in a local theater group, or use your artistic talents to create art or jewelry to sell on Etsy.  Spread the word about your passion on social media.  If your hobby eventually turns into your dream career, then you know it was meant to be.  But you never know until you try.

  • victoria hinton

    When God gives you a talent, he gives it to you as your passion, what you like to do. He gives it to you as a young child. The parent is supposed to make sure you have everything you need to live the dream God wants you to live in your lifetime. So, it is important for a person to follow their dreams.


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