“Build it and they will come” is a powerful quote, but it’s just not realistic in the business world in 2022.  Growing your business takes time and strategic marketing strategies to build brand awareness and engagement.


Below we detail 5 P.O.W.E.R. Marketing Tips to help you grow your business.


  1. Optimize your website:Websites are essential for ANY and ALL businesses. Considered “The new business card” a website brings a legitimacy to your business as well as giving your potential customers an insight into your business services, products and practices.


How to optimize your website:

  • Ensure your website represents your brand’s colors as well as services / products you provide.
  • Keywords that represent your business are essential to have within the content of your website. There are many free tools online such as you can find the best keywords for your business. Including keywords on your website will help with your optimization when someone searches for the keywords pertaining to your business on major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Mobile-Friendly Website: Your website MUST be mobile friendly. Close to 90% of people visiting your website will be using a mobile device. Your website will need to be able to respond to the size of their mobile device. If working with a web designer, ask that they build your website as a “Responsive Design Site.” If building your own website, be sure to use a template that utilizes a responsive design for all mobile devices.


  1. Create Social Media Profiles: Social Media is a great way to keep potential and current customers current with your everyday business’ promotions and updates. This is a great way to “show the inside of your business to the outside world.”
    1. Create Social Media profiles for your business on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter (and other platforms such as TikTok if your brand calls for it).
    2. Post consistently across all social media platforms. We suggest anywhere from 4-5 times per week.
    3. Frequency of posting is important, however, quality of posts should supersede how many times per week you are posting. Quality should include: high resolution photos, videos displaying your products or services, and personalized posts showing the “behind the scenes” of your business. Each post should include its own call to action and a way for customers to contact you.


  1. Claim your review and local SEO Listings: Create a Google business profile. This is a free listing that Google offers. Your Google business profile will include your business contact information, pictures of your business, and allow your customers to write reviews about your business. You will have full access once you claim your listing to update your photos, hours of operations, business location, and even products and services. This will help potential customers find your business easily by simply googling your business name or keyword that pertains to your business.


  1. Write More Content: Including content to your website such as blogs, news articles, and updates will help with your website optimization. Your blogs should surround topics that help solve a problem for your potential customers (ie: how your product or service can help your potential customers). Include keywords in your blogs that are also in the content of your website.


  1. Join a Networking Group: Joining a networking group or referral network will help you build business connections as well as help you gain new/fresh ideas for your business by connecting with likeminded individuals.


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