Former Professional Dancer Turned Entrepreneur, Franchisor, and Wellness Educator, Kika Wise Discusses Franchising and How She Became The Youngest Female Franchiser as Well as How She Was Able to Keep Her Business Afloat, Pivot Her Business, and Even Open a New Location During Lockdown

Many of us have the idea of franchising out our businesses. One expert will tell us how she became the youngest female franchiser as well as how she was able to keep her businesses afloat during the pandemic and even opened up a new location.


About The Guest: Kika Wise

In this episode, I talk with one of the nation’s youngest female franchisors, Kika Wise who is building a fitness empire with Kika Stretch Studios.   She tells us why she changed careers from being a professional dancer to being a franchisor and wellness educator.  She explains about the Kika Method® and the Kika Stretch Age®.  Kika discusses some important steps needed to franchise your business and one strategy that has helped her grow her businesses.  She explains how she has been able to keep her studios afloat during lockdown and even add a new location.  Kika talks about her future plans to expand her brand and what the word power means to her.

Kika Wise is a former professional dancer turned entrepreneur, franchisor, and wellness educator.  One of the nation’s youngest female franchisors, Kika Wise is building a fitness empire with Kika Stretch Studios. Having franchised her business with 13 locations nationwide, Kika has positioned herself and her unique fitness techniques in stretching as an ultimate source of fitness and health.  She has created a signature one-of-a-kind approach to stretching called the Kika Method® and the Kika Stretch Age ®.


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About The Host: Tonia DeCosimo

Tonia DeCosimo is the founder of P.O.W.E.R.- Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized and editor-in-chief of P.O.W.E.R. Magazine. She is also an author, columnist, entrepreneur, and women’s empowerment advocate. With 30 years in the publishing and advertising business, Tonia enjoys listening and learning from powerful women. She believes that their hard work and dedication deserves acknowledgement and recognition. One of Tonia’s passions is to inspire and empower women and help them become their best.


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