Magazine Madness!!!!

P.O.W.E.R. Introduces Its New Magazine – Online And In Print – And Discovers What It Takes To Make It Great!

P.O.W.E.R. provides an online networking forum for women professionals.  We also now publish a digital and printed quarterly magazine to feature biographies, and stories of our members in different industries and professions.  Taking on any task always comes with a great deal of excitement and stress.  Putting together a magazine with women from all different geographical areas and backgrounds is quite the challenge.  When you see a magazine, people don’t take into consideration the dedication and hard work involved.  Seeing that final draft is not only a relief but also creates anxiety hoping that everyone who is viewing it is as proud as you are.


There are millions of magazines in print.  Coming up with your own style involves much thought, planning and trial and error.  Even though you think your ideas are great, they may not be workable for the formatting and other limitations associated with putting together a magazine.  Also, you don’t know how others will feel about it and what type of criticism will ensue.  That idea you originally thought would be perfect, may end up on the cutting room floor.  That is where the trial and error comes into play, reworking ideas until they match all the necessary parameters but are still exciting and fresh.

Working With Busy Women

Our magazine focuses on busy women.  Trying to get hundreds of women to get their photos, biographies and Q&A’s emailed to us within our deadlines is like the work involved in planning a Royal Wedding.  It involves hundreds, if not thousands, of emails going back and forth, photos that must meet our criteria and, more importantly, is satisfactory to each individual recognized.  Word limitation issues, formatting and never-ending editing are part of the process.  Add into the mix, “Big Shots”, celebrities and well-known names that have agents that want perfection and you have got a whirlwind.

No Guts, No Glory

Having a goal and watching it come to fruition is the best feeling.  No one knows how much work, time and energy goes into a task that you and your team are trying to achieve.  It is all a work in progress and creating something from scratch requires dedication, perseverance and tenacity.  You can’t expect to learn and perfect if you don’t try.

Featuring women who are succeeding in their careers and are still managing to devote time to their families, charities and mentoring others is of great importance to us.  It is with great pride that we introduce our premiere issue of P.O.W.E.R. Magazine.

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