P.O.W.E.R Mentor

Janelle Clark

About Mentor: I’ve been through it myself and I’m taught experience is our greatest lesson learned! Area or Field of Mentorship: Helps and Service

Patricia Mazurkiewicz

About Mentor: I live to share art experiences. Area or Field of Mentorship: Recovery

Alison Swerdloff

About Mentor: I feel I would be a good mentor for someone since I have overcome many adversities in my life, and utilized my experiences to become a Self-Care and Self-Discovery consultant. Area or Field of Mentorship: I would like to mentor women into learning to take time for themselves so that they can live their best lives.

Nyalla Schwartz

About Mentor: Because I have over 20 years experience in mentoring and a life time of knowledge! Area or Field of Mentorship: Life experience, credit and debt

Katy Doan

About Mentor: With my teaching, working & education background, I believe that I am a good mentor who can inspire people. Area or Field of Mentorship: Education, accounting, finance, investment, business, singing, ping-pong...

Lois Tunstall

About Mentor: years of successful accomphilshments in my field. Area or Field of Mentorship: cosmetology

Delicia Brandon

About Mentor: I feel I would make a good mentor to anyone because when I'm speaking about things I'm actually speaking on things that happened to me in real life and things that I have done and been through in real life. Area or Field of Mentorship: I would love to mentor in the Nursing field cause it my passion and I have learned alot dealing with different races, backgrounds , ethnic groups, different attitudes and more.......

Eunice Ogbebor

About Mentor: This is what I love to do. Area or Field of Mentorship: Health

Molly Robbins

About Mentor: I have very relevant expertise and knowledge of the brand licensing and fashion/apparel industry . I love what I do and am very enthusiastic about sharing my expertise. I am able very direct , honest and encouraging to other women. Area or Field of Mentorship: Brand Licensing, Brand Building, Fashion and Apparel industry

Christina Cao

About Mentor: I have been in the pharmacy industry for almost 20 years with many years being preceptors for pharmacy students. I have been mentors for newly graduate pharmacists and give advice to college students who want to pursuit pharmacy profession. Area or Field of Mentorship: Pharmacy/healthcare

Calaundra Knight

About Mentor: I been through a whole lot and have found ways to empower myself to get through them so I know I can help others Area or Field of Mentorship: It really doesn’t matter

ChiChina Smith

About Mentor: I believe that the entertainment industry for women sets to high of a standard on looks instead of a womens individual talent. I would like to show women in this field that with real talent and hard work anything is possible. Area or Field of Mentorship: Entertainment

Denise Zamora

About Mentor: For someone who is just starting out in the holistic or spiritual field, they may need an extra push for motivation & more knowledge. Working with energy in both aspects, goes beyond meditation or healthy living. Area or Field of Mentorship: Holistic

Melinda Whitfield

About Mentor: I love people. I am very experienced as a woman of God. I have advocated work over God's people , community. I come from a big family. Area or Field of Mentorship: I would like to work with members who specialize in working with children that are sickly or foster children.

A.C. Moon/Cameron

About Mentor: I have expertise in several fields with extremely proficient skills and certifications Area or Field of Mentorship: Innovations, cannabis, cbd, Infusions, brand building, trademarks, patents, copyrights, writing, GMP, FDA, OSHA, IPM, Sigma6...

Cara Rich

About Mentor: I have 26 years in the healthcare world with a vast knowledge of home care, Independent living, Assisted Living, memory care and marketing. Area or Field of Mentorship: Healthcare

Mercedes Marie Contreras

About Mentor: The key for me personally is to influence and inspire the next generation to become strong, motivated, confident, and thoughtful leaders. Area or Field of Mentorship: Any field that's empowering women to know they are not alone, although it may feel like it. Their voice matters just as much as everyone else. Too many are losing their life due to suicide or domestic violence...That needs to change!!

Joan Stamile

About Mentor: I have trained and have been a trainer numerous times. Area or Field of Mentorship: On site sales

Marlena Porter

About Mentor: I believe my experience with life and tragedy events I’ve came across will help others who’re dealing with similar situations to heal and still be able to live a healthy life without stressing. Area or Field of Mentorship: Coping Mentor

Mary Roberts

About Mentor: I'd be a very good mentor for someone because of the experiences I've had in life; civil war, domestic violence, bitter divorce, raising my own 3 daughters and many other personal bitter experiences. I also owned and ran a nonprofit women's organization. Area or Field of Mentorship: Counseling or any other area I may be needed.

Michelle Magri

About Mentor: I have been told that I am a great leader and have a wealth of knowledge to share. I am personable and easy to get along with. I approach leadership as a partnership in creating well minds. Area or Field of Mentorship: Counseling or Diagnostics

Brenda Smith

About Mentor: I am very experienced in a niche field. Area or Field of Mentorship: Blockchain Technology

Abigail Mawhirter

About Mentor: I am a positive person who lives to encourage others to recognize their own worth and value and to encourage them to reach their full potential. I’ve accomplished much in my professional and personal life and would love to invest in others! Area or Field of Mentorship: My field of expertise is nursing, but I am open to helping anyone in need of mentoring!

Jacquelyn Cobb

About Mentor: I would make a good mentor because I am a born - again believer of Jesus Christ and building others is a part of ministry, which God blesses me to do all the time. Area or Field of Mentorship: Entrepreneurship

Andrea Sias

About Mentor: I have endured through some of the most challenging things in life. No matter how hard the challenges became I have always pushed through them and kept my faith in God. I have been beaten, robbed, and falsely imprisoned. Area or Field of Mentorship: Recruiter's/ New Business Development

Vhalarrie Sandling

About Mentor: I have overcome a lot of self doubt in my life, received very little encouragement about my abilities and I would like to share with others the gift of purpose and self preservation in their future plans Area or Field of Mentorship: Those struggling with self respect and self value. Helping someone see the worth is always a good place to start, and those lacking the understanding for the need for education.

Carma Tiffany Howell

About Mentor: I have been in sales and customer service for over 31 years. I also have been working from home since 1995. I also have two college degrees and currently I am taking advanced courses from EDX Harvard Online Divinity School in Theology. Area or Field of Mentorship: Sales and Marketing, Starting A Business, Motivation & Time Management, Family Responsibilities While Being A Business Owner, Going Back To College After Having A Family.

Kristina Hernandez

About Mentor: I would be an excellent mentor for other growing professionals because I have patience, structure, skills to share, and I'm able to offer actionable insight into next steps of a goal. Area or Field of Mentorship: Marketing, sales, social media, general

Christina Giles

About Mentor: I feel that I would make a good mentor for someone because I have many years in my field, as well as many years working with students of all ages and at all levels. I am a goal-oriented but still understand that mistakes are necessary to learn. Area or Field of Mentorship: Education and leadership

Roxanna Wilson

About Mentor: As a women often time we feel that we are screaming and no one can hear us. We are taught that we was born to take on what we encounter often time we over look our own desire nurturing everyone else. I have a gift that speak to people purpose. Area or Field of Mentorship: Wealth Strategist, Business Credit and Tax Expert nd Real Estate Investor, Mindset.

Heidi Diamond

About Mentor: I have been mentoring and connecting people since I first started my career. I have a ton of mentees both nationally and internationally. I also mentor for HRTS (Hollywood Radio and Television Society) Area or Field of Mentorship: media, entertainment, fashion, retail, consumer products, distribution, advertising, marketing
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