P.O.W.E.R Mentor

Janelle Clark

About Mentor: I’ve been through it myself and I’m taught experience is our greatest lesson learned! Area or Field of Mentorship: Helps and Service

Patricia Mazurkiewicz

About Mentor: I live to share art experiences. Area or Field of Mentorship: Recovery

Alison Swerdloff

About Mentor: I feel I would be a good mentor for someone since I have overcome many adversities in my life, and utilized my experiences to become a Self-Care and Self-Discovery consultant. Area or Field of Mentorship: I would like to mentor women into learning to take time for themselves so that they can live their best lives.

Nyalla Schwartz

About Mentor: Because I have over 20 years experience in mentoring and a life time of knowledge! Area or Field of Mentorship: Life experience, credit and debt

Katy Doan

About Mentor: With my teaching, working & education background, I believe that I am a good mentor who can inspire people. Area or Field of Mentorship: Education, accounting, finance, investment, business, singing, ping-pong...

Lois Tunstall

About Mentor: years of successful accomphilshments in my field. Area or Field of Mentorship: cosmetology

Delicia Brandon

About Mentor: I feel I would make a good mentor to anyone because when I'm speaking about things I'm actually speaking on things that happened to me in real life and things that I have done and been through in real life. Area or Field of Mentorship: I would love to mentor in the Nursing field cause it my passion and I have learned alot dealing with different races, backgrounds , ethnic groups, different attitudes and more.......

Eunice Ogbebor

About Mentor: This is what I love to do. Area or Field of Mentorship: Health

Molly Robbins

About Mentor: I have very relevant expertise and knowledge of the brand licensing and fashion/apparel industry . I love what I do and am very enthusiastic about sharing my expertise. I am able very direct , honest and encouraging to other women. Area or Field of Mentorship: Brand Licensing, Brand Building, Fashion and Apparel industry

Christina Cao

About Mentor: I have been in the pharmacy industry for almost 20 years with many years being preceptors for pharmacy students. I have been mentors for newly graduate pharmacists and give advice to college students who want to pursuit pharmacy profession. Area or Field of Mentorship: Pharmacy/healthcare

Calaundra Knight

About Mentor: I been through a whole lot and have found ways to empower myself to get through them so I know I can help others Area or Field of Mentorship: It really doesn’t matter

ChiChina Smith

About Mentor: I believe that the entertainment industry for women sets to high of a standard on looks instead of a womens individual talent. I would like to show women in this field that with real talent and hard work anything is possible. Area or Field of Mentorship: Entertainment

Denise Zamora

About Mentor: For someone who is just starting out in the holistic or spiritual field, they may need an extra push for motivation & more knowledge. Working with energy in both aspects, goes beyond meditation or healthy living. Area or Field of Mentorship: Holistic

Melinda Whitfield

About Mentor: I love people. I am very experienced as a woman of God. I have advocated work over God's people , community. I come from a big family. Area or Field of Mentorship: I would like to work with members who specialize in working with children that are sickly or foster children.

A.C. Moon/Cameron

About Mentor: I have expertise in several fields with extremely proficient skills and certifications Area or Field of Mentorship: Innovations, cannabis, cbd, Infusions, brand building, trademarks, patents, copyrights, writing, GMP, FDA, OSHA, IPM, Sigma6...

Cara Rich

About Mentor: I have 26 years in the healthcare world with a vast knowledge of home care, Independent living, Assisted Living, memory care and marketing. Area or Field of Mentorship: Healthcare

Joan Stamile

About Mentor: I have trained and have been a trainer numerous times. Area or Field of Mentorship: On site sales
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