The Pressures Women Face to Remain Younger Looking

In today’s society, women are faced with having to retain a younger look as they age.  In addition to all of the daily stresses in our busy lives between work and family, we now have to add in the stress of having to look younger as we get older.  We hear the saying, “50 is the new 40.”  So does this mean we need to constantly erase 10 years off of our age to maintain a youthful look?  Let’s review some issues women face to keep up with this youth-obsessed world.

Is it worth it?

We know that eating right and exercising is a great thing, but for some of us, we need to take it to the next level.  With all the non-surgical procedures out there like Botox injections, Restylane® injections and Fraxel laser treatments to name a few, many women feel they need to utilize these drugs and procedures to look younger.  With society’s pressures, we are no longer allowed to age gracefully.  These procedures are expensive, so much so, that now we are seeing women having Botox parties to keep the price down through quantity.  What is more frightening, in some cases, medical doctors or estheticians are not doing these procedures.  There also can be side effects with these treatments and no guarantee of the youthful claims they make.

The word “plastic surgery” has become as common in our society as a check-up at the doctor.  The stigma that used to be associated with it has gone.  Women go for face lifts, tummy tucks, eye lifts, breast enhancements or reductions and nose jobs, to improve their looks and make them appear younger.  For many, they are thrilled with the results, despite the huge price tags and weeks of healing.  For others, it can be a horror story fraught with permanent disfigurement and infections.  Also, many women, to decrease the costs of these procedures, travel out of the country to have them done.  Often, the standards of care and cleanliness are not practiced in these countries, and the result can be severe sickness and even death.  Is a smoother face or perkier breasts really worth the possible outcomes?


Dress half your age?

Women of 50+ years, no matter how great of a shape her body is in, should not be pressured to dress like a 25 year old.  Jeans with a million rips in them and a short midriff top just don’t work on older women.  They belong to the younger generation, and we don’t need to wear them to appear youthful.  However, wearing the ripped jeans with a crisp white button down blouse, with a tie at the waist if you have great abs, may enhance a woman’s youthful glow.  Add some bling with jewelry, and you will sparkle and look fabulous. The same goes for a great haircut.  Go to an honest hairstylist who is going to tell you what style works for your face and age.

Being youthful is not only in how you look, but also in how you carry yourself.  A smile and sparkling eyes, surrounded by a few crow’s feet, creates a look that resonates being young and carefree.  When all is said and done, women should do what makes them happy, regardless of society’s pressures.  If getting a face lift brings you joy, then do it; but do it responsibly.  If just being yourself and using a good moisturizer with SPF is enough for you, then do it.  If women stop allowing society to pressure them to be a certain way, then these standards of preserving youth will fade away.  And who knows, maybe just being 50 will be good enough!


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