The New Year Is the Perfect Time to Start Fresh

The start of a new calendar year is the perfect time to let go of any hurt, negativity or regrets that developed over the past year.  Starting fresh and letting go will release you from the negative thoughts and feelings that may have dragged you down.  Yes, it can be hard to forgive and change old habits so that one can begin anew.  However, realize that you will feel better, healthier and lighter by letting go of emotional baggageand making space for new possibilities.  Here are some suggestions to help you live a more full and positive year.

Remember, You are What You Think

The power of your mind can build you up or pull you down.  It ultimately impacts your body as well.  That nagging voice in your head can limit your ability to move forward and feel positive about yourself.  Practice words of kindness and compassion to yourself as you would when speaking with a dear friend.  Turn your thoughts from “I can’t” to “I can” when thinking about your future goals.  The way you talk to yourself will have a major effect of how you feel about yourself, what you will accomplish and those types of people you will attract.

Let Go of Expectations and Worries

Your expectations and worries are usually based upon the outcome of previous experiences.  Don’t let the tainted memory of something you tried that backfired or failed continue to prevent you from trying again.  Rather use what you learned from the past to help guide you in future endeavors.  Being proactive rather than reactive is a healthy mindset.  Instead of saying ‘why did this happen to me,’ try saying ‘what can I learn from this?’  Believing that everything happens for a reason will make you more willing to approach every new situation without the hauntings of the past.

Forgive and Forget

When you are at peace with a situation, you can move forward in a positive manner.  Don’t hang on to negative baggage.  Each time you find your mind wandering back to a past issue where you believe someone did you wrong, remind yourself that it is time to leave those thoughts and feelings in the past.  Dragging them around year after year is only affecting you not the person you are angry with.  Decide to make peace with the memory, and move on.

Forgiving and forgetting also involves anger we have at ourselves.  It is time to be your own biggest fan and accept how wonderful and unique you really are.  Remember, we all make mistakes.  Closing your eyes and taking deep breathes when you feel stressed will help calm you and make you feel stronger.  That strength will keep the negative feelings about yourself from creeping in to your mind.  If you truly love yourself, the negative words or actions of other people won’t harm you.  They will remain their problem, not yours.

The Many Benefits of Positive Thinking

Positive thoughts can create real value in your life.  In addition to the psychological benefits, positive thinking helps your physical well-being.  According to the Mayo Clinic, positive thinking helps increase your life span, lowers levels of distress, lowers rates of depression, contributes to better cardiovascular health and even creates resistance to the common cold.  All the more reason to make every effort to turn that endless stream of self-talk that runs through your head into positive thoughts.  Be an optimist and see what you can achieve in 2020!   

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