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10 Ways Joining P.O.W.E.R. Can Help Accelerate Your Career

We are all working harder than ever to improve our careers.  These days, with COVID-19 restrictions, some of us are paddling even harder to keep our businesses afloat.  In addition to furthering your education and sharpening your skills, there are services offered through P.O.W.E.R. that can help get your name and story out there for

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How to Learn to Love Ourselves

Many experts offering self-help advice suggest that we must “learn to love ourselves.”  It’s good advice, but how do we learn to quiet that little voice in our heads that tells us we are not good enough, don’t deserve to be treated better, and for blaming ourselves when things don’t turn out as we had hoped?  Many

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Resetting Summer Fun for 2020

The summer months are a favorite time for family fun.  Most years people plan family vacations or stay-cations, where they enjoy time together traveling, going to fairs and amusement parks, and enjoying visiting family out of town.  Since COVID-19, summer 2020 has taken on a vastly different vibe, with social distancing and travel cancellations.  However,

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How to Get Decent Sleep During These Unsettling Times

For many of us, it is difficult to get seven to eight hours of restorative sleep during the best of times.  Now, during these upsetting and worrisome times, it can be near impossible.  Sleep experts say that the quantity and quality of our sleep are the best predictors of how long we are going to

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Finding Joy During These Difficult Times

Staying home in self-quarantine is critical right now so we can stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  Many of us have no choice but to work from home and therefore are spending our time surrounded by our families.  This dramatic increase in time spent together coupled with our feelings of anxiety and fear can

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Women’s Rights: Then and Now

magine seeing a poster today that reads “Convicts, Lunatics and Women. Have No Vote in Parliament…”  This was written by Emily J. Harding Andrews during the Women’s Suffrage in England c. 1908-1917 and can be seen at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC.  Women’s suffrage was a pivotal moment in the battle for equality,

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