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Francesca Caputo Assists and Guides Us to Create Our Best Selves Emotionally, Physically, and Spiritually


About The Guest: Francesca Caputo

In this episode, I talk with Francesca Caputo about her personal journey to finding a healthy and harmonious lifestyle.  She explains about “LiveLightWithFrancesca” and how it can help us, and describes the three levels needed to create a better life.  She discusses cleansing, how food can serve as medicine to benefit us, defines “food and mood” and “cyclical nourishment”, and explains what a healthy eating plate looks like.  She tells us how yoga, meditation, and medicinal aromatherapy assist in the process and then describes what the word power means to her.

Francesca Caputo is a certified Institute of Integrated Nutrition Holistic Health and Wellness Coach.  Through lifestyle, yoga/meditation modalities, and caring for one’s physical health, Francesca Caputo aids individuals with heartfelt support, compassion and guidance to create our best selves.  Her wellness company “LiveLightWithFrancesca” is a platform for her work, with tools for healing physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Francesca’s first-hand experience in finding a deep spiritual component to her life over the past 20 years including Divine Spiritual Wisdom studies and travel to many lands has made her a better human being, and enabled her to assist and guide others.


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About The Host: Tonia DeCosimo

Tonia DeCosimo is the founder of P.O.W.E.R.- Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized and editor-in-chief of P.O.W.E.R. Magazine. She is also an author, columnist, entrepreneur, and women’s empowerment advocate. With 30 years in the publishing and advertising business, Tonia enjoys listening and learning from powerful women. She believes that their hard work and dedication deserves acknowledgement and recognition. One of Tonia’s passions is to inspire and empower women and help them become their best.


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